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Study , work and live in


Our   Application Process

1. ASSESSMENT: Send  your up to date C.V/ resume to  for assessment or fill out our assessment form

2: ENGAGEMENT PROCESS: Fill out necessary documents prior to engagement

3: DOCUMENT GATHERING: Gather pertinent documents for enrollment & Visa processing



What are the  requirements?

Canada  Candidate must:

  • Letter of Acceptance (Pay your first year of tuition fees upfront)

  • At least a k12 graduate / 2nd year college

  • NO I.E.L.T.S. requirement (Terms and conditions apply)

  • Candidate/ Sponsor must have Proof of Financial Capacity  

Further details on requirements are discussed on the free orientation

Earn while you study

  • work up to 20 hours a week while in class

  • work on- or off-campus

  • work full-time during scheduled breaks such as reading weeks and breaks between semesters. 

  • Dependents work full time


  • At Gateway Bridge Educational Consultancy you get multiple campus/ institution options depending on the state you want to study and the availability of the course you will be taking

After Graduation

  • After graduation, international students who studied within two years are eligible to apply for up to a three-year post-graduate work permit. This allows you to gain Canadian work experience. Students must have a valid study permit and apply within 90 days of graduation.
    After one year of work experience, they are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency.


Accomodation and   other cost

  • Accommodation: 
    The cost of private rentals is generally between $650 and $800 per room per month (meals not included) 
    $550 to $650 per room per month in other campus communities. In addition, students must pay $100 to $150 for utilities.

  • Other Cost:
    Books, English for Academic Purposes: $250 to $350 (per seven-week semester)
    Books, postsecondary programs: $50 to $200 (per textbook)
    Groceries: $300 to $400 (monthly estimate)
    Cell phone: $20 to $80 (per month)

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